Deputy Minister

Hon. Indika Bandaranayake 
Deputy Minister of Housing and Construction
2nd Floor
Sri Lanka.
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It gives me great pleasure to issue a message on the Performance Report – 2016 of the Ministry of Housing and Construction being a ruling party of the current State Development Programme going behind our vision of Sustainable Settlement Development and Revival of the Construction Industry.

 It is our sole ambition to enable every citizen who have no fixed abode to a right to live in a habitable house by 2025. Short term and long term plans are being arranged for this purpose based on the standard information collate from with the assistance of the responsible government officials of the said divisions.

We deemed it to be a good fortune as we took the chance to commemorate the 30th World Habitat Day under the theme of “Housing at the Centre” in a most remote area of Sugaladevigama , Dimbulagala in Pollonaruwa district this time under the patronage of His Excellency the President.

11,600 new houses were constructed under the “Scattered Housing Loan Programme” implemented by our Ministry in 2016 and we were able to go through some activities like construction of 4641 new housing units in 148 model villages, provision of infrastructure facilities for them and empowerment of 50,000 families living in underserved urban settlements and development of 410 new housing units for underserved urban settlement dwellers.

The project of providing cement aids for houses was steadily accomplished in this year to get their work completed which have not yet been plastered. Further, as a matter of satisfaction, Scattered Housing Loan Programme, Sampath Sevana Programme was of a great service for us to achieve our expected targets in this year.

We could continue to implement programmes for the restoration activities of houses of kidney patients and the grant of housing aids for the people suffering from extreme poverty aiming at all sorts of people in the country through Sevana Aid Programmes.

We are very thankful for the corporation rendered by other Ministries and State Institutions in the activities of supplying water, providing electricity, giving land titles, developing roads and erecting safety elephant fences in housing development in our country.  More qualitative and efficient service of the National Housing Development Authority, Ocean View Development Company (Pvt) Ltd. and Condominium Management Authority with the National Housing Development Authority of our Ministry and the collaboration of other institutions affiliated to our Ministry are the keys to success.

It is a great delight to proceed with the competitiveness with the private sector in the construction field. We made progress to stabilize the sustainability of the construction field, to be recognized globally and to give a competition regionally through construction of buildings, schemes of bridges, subways, irrigation and water supply.

Unavailability of a sufficient skilled workforce in the construction field is very problematic. Whereupon, professional trainings and tool kits were offered free of charge to 9741 construction industry craftsmen in this year.

It is very fortune of us to have had a chance to implement construction projects valued at Rs.6224.77 Million within this span of time. Opening of branches of Building Materials Corporation facilitates to obtain building accessories and the drive taken by the Construction Industry Development Authority, State Engineering Corporation, State Development and Construction Corporation, Buildings Department and National Equipment and Machinery Organization to achieve all these tasks is highly commendable.

I convey my heartfelt thanks to His Excellency the President Maithreepala Sirisena , Hon.Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe who framed enormous support to achieve this initiative which was expected in the year 2016  as well as Hon.Minister Sajith Premadasa who guides with his exemplary leadership to implement this huge development programme of our Ministry and the Secretary of the Ministry including the staff as well as the heads of institutions and  all the staff members who were committed and bonded to achieve all the successes towards this end.

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