Model Village Programme


The village reawakening programme which revolutionized the country’s housing programme in the decade of eighty was reactivated as model village programme and being implemented successfully by the NHDA across the country. A land with basic infrastructure facilities required for housing development is identified for the construction of model villages and the selection of deserving beneficiaries is carried out by the NHDA with the support of the respective divisional secretaries using land kachcheries as an effective tool for the identification of beneficiaries. The main feature of this programme is the grant of housing loan with a ceiling of Rs. 300,000.00 at a concessionary rate with a repayable period of 15 years.

Technical assistance is provided free of charge by the Technical Officers of NHDA and the identification of lands, provision of infrastructure facilities and all other related activities are carried out by the NHDA. Infrastructure facilities required for these projects are provided by the line ministries, relevant institutions and local government authorities. The value of each house constructed under an innovative participatory method is approximately Rs. 600,000 and with the land the value of the house could range between Rs. 800,000 to one million. Under the model village programme 148 model villages are being constructed in the year 2016 comprising of 4625 housing units.

Houses for the Government Officers through Model Villages Apart from the Middle Class Housing Programme which have already been initiated while giving prominence to the Government Officers, the Model Village Programme opens doors to officers in the Government sector enabling them to have a house in the Government sector. Under this, measures have been taken to construct housing projects in the years 2016 and 2017 as follows.


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