“Prathibhagama”, Thirappane was declared open to Public

“Prathibagama” was the 23rd model village at Thirappane in Mihintale Electoral Division in Anuradhapura District which was vested in the public on 02nd April 2017 under the current Village Reawakening Programme. This village consists of 24 housing units and it was the 2nd model village vested in the Public in Anuradhapura District.

Thirappane area has a proud history which runs to the regime of King Dutugamunu. This area consists of historical stupa and relics of kings’ mansions and it comes from ancient folklore that the King Dutugamunu had lived in this area for the last few months of his life and government servants who perceived that the completed work of Ruwanweli Maha Seya could not be shown to King Dutugamunu as he fell ill, they quickly arranged to show the unfinished stupa to the King having erected a structure to the real height of the stupa and draping it in cloth as if it were finished.  Since then, this place was called Thirappane from Thirapene in common folk as this place was seen by the King where the structure of the stupa was finished draping in cloth.

The village “Prathibagama” is located at Demategama village in 550 -Sembukulama Thulanaya in Thirappane Electoral Division. Every recipient entitles to a block of land in extent of 20 perches. The estimated cost for this village was Rs.22, 800,000. The Ceylon Electricity Board has supplied the electricity for this village under Community Participatory Housing Development Programme. The patronage for water supply was given by Hon. Ishak Rahuman, Member of Parliament. This comprised of a formal access road and an internal road system. A magnificent Buddhist shrine room was constructed for this village by Senior Attorney Karunarathna Herath,Chief Organizer for Mihintale.

Following programmes were implemented coincide with the vest the public with this village

  • Ownerships for the blocks of lands were issued to 24 recipient families of housing in the model village
  • Scattered housing loans were granted to 200 low income families in the area bearing a sum of Rs.32,200,000
  • Housing aids valued at Rs.180,000,000 were offered for  families of 580 kidney patients
  • Freehold deeds for lands in which they occupy were furnished for 25 families in the District.

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