Scattered Housing Programme

Under this programme, temporary and partially constructed houses in rural areas are upgraded while constructing new houses for sub-families. For new houses, a loan of Rs. 300,000 is granted and for the houses to be upgraded the value of the loan provided is Rs. 200,000 and both loans are granted under concessionary rates and easy repayment terms. The required technical knowhow is made available free of charge through technical officers of the NHDA. Participatory method is employed as the strategic approach in developing houses. A striking feature of the programme is that opportunity to construct the house at a low cost. With the addition of labour and raw materials supplied by the beneficiary, the value of the house is boosted by several folds. Under the sub programmes implemented under scattered housing programme, construction of 11600 new houses and upgrading of 21167 houses
have commenced.

Houses for families of kidney patients

This is a programme designed specifically to address housing problem of families of those suffering from chronic kidney disease. The focus of the programme is to construct permanent houses for kidney patients helping their families to overcome socioeconomic difficulties thus uplifting their living standards. A housing grant subject a ceiling of Rs. 500,000 is made available to the family of the kidney patient. Together with the grant, NHDA also offers technical assistance during the construction process. As at October 2016, construction of houses for 688 families
under this programme was in progress and the amount invested was Rs. 33.05 million.

Housing Programme for Widows

The protracted internal conflict of the country resulted in many women being widowed and they had to on their own shoulder the responsibility of brining up children and fulfilling the family needs. Though they ungrudgingly took up the challenge of bringing up children and maintaining the family, it was by no means an easy task. Not having a livable house exacerbated the plight of the majority of these women headed families. Therefore this programme aims to assist such families to build a house of their own.

Reawakened Village Programme

This programme brings about an integrated development with housing development as the focal point. The primary objective of the programme is to select an under developed village and carry out improvements needed to existing
houses and fulfill new housing requirements and the development of basic infrastructure facilities including water, electricity and accessroads. Construction of 359 new houses has been commenced under this programme launched as a pilot project and another 693 houses are being upgraded.

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