Welioya Special Project

The protracted ethnic conflict lasting over three decades resulted in large number of people being displaced and dispossessed of their shelters. A number of Sinhala villages in the Mullativu District were destroyed their residents continued to live in temporary or partially constructed houses. Of these families, 800 were offered necessary support to develop their houses during the past few years and but there were many more families in dire need of housing. Hence, a provision of Rs 350 million was allocated by the treasury to construct new houses for 500 families and upgrade further 500 houses.

Each family was awarded Rs. 500,000 for the construction of new houses and Rs 200,000 each for families whose houses needed improvements. NHDA took measures during 216 to extend necessary support to construct houses of 1,082 families. As at 30.09.2016, construction activities of 519 new houses and 563 houses to be upgraded were under in progress and the total amount spent was Rs. 130.15 million.

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