The State Ministry of Rural Housing and Construction & Building Materials Industries Promotion has been established in accordance with the Extraordinary Gazette Notification No.2187/27 dated 09/08/2020. Hon. Indika Anuruddha has been appointed as the Minister in charge of the subject of the Ministry as per the Gazette Notification No.2188/43 dated 13/08/2020

This Ministry is located on the 2nd Floor, “Sethsiripaya”, Battaramulla. The staff consists of approximately 194 personnel and fulfills an outstanding service in the rural housing, construction and building material field under the guidance and supervision of the Secretary to the Ministry.

There are 8 government institutions which come under the purview of the State Ministry of Rural Housing and Construction & Building Materials Industries Promotion. Amongst those, it includes 2 Government Departments and 6 Statutory Bodies such as Government Corporations/Authorities. All the said institutions are as follows.

  1. Department of Government Factory
  2. Department of Buildings
  3. National Housing Development Authority
  4. State Engineering Corporation
  5. Construction Industry Development Authority
  6. National Equipment and Machinery Organization
  7. Building Materials Corporation Ltd.
  8. Ocean View Development (Pvt) Ltd

This Ministry plays a vital role in development activities in housing field such as introducing regular housing schemes for the housing requirement of the rural people, implementing housing financial programmes, guiding rural community on technical methods of housing construction which bring eco-friendly and cost effective benefits and introducing a national housing policy and in parallel to this, it becomes involved in matters that directly influences  the construction field and building material field just as formulating a national policy on construction and building material industry, giving directions and guidelines to the construction industry, regulating the activities of construction industry and arranging rules and regulations for the standardization.

  • Gazette Notification which form the Ministry                –  No.2187/27 dated 09/08/2020
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  • Gazette Notification which appointed the Hon Minister – No.2188/43 dated 13/08/2020.
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