Building Materials Corporation BMC


Building Materials Corporation (BMC) was established in 1971 under “Sri Lanka State Trading Corporations Act” No. 33 of 1970. Thereafter in September 1992, the corporation was converted into a limited liability public company under the “Conversion of Public Corporations or Government Owned Business Undertakings into Public Companies Act” No. 23 of 1987.


To be the leader in the supply of building materials and equipment in the housing and infrastructure developments and earn the highest confidence of the community whilst performing its social responsibility as


To supply quality building materials and equipment at competitive prices throughout the country

Objectives of the Corporation

  1. To assess the requirements of building materials on the basis of the building and construction programmes of the government and the private sector
  2. . To identify the sources of the supply of building materials and to ensure continuous supply of building materials to the public and private sectors.
  3. To give such assistance as may be necessary to small producers of building materials such as lime, sand, cabook, timber, bricks, etc.
  4. To purchase machinery and equipment necessary for the building construction industry.
  5. To undertake wholesaling and retailing of building materials throughout the island.
  6. To act as distributing and purchasing agent for all public sector organizations
  7. To establish a research division and undertake research work for purpose of achieving the above objectives



Building Materials Corporation BMC
486 Sri Sangaraja Mawatha, Colombo
Sri Lanka.