Compressed Stabilized Earth Blocks


Cement stabilized earth blocks are used an alternative building material for burnt clay bricks and cement, sand blocks. This is an appropriate and cost-effective wall construction material as most of the generally available sandy soil and gravel soil can be used for manufacturing of these blocks. Soil can easily be extracted and easily processed for production of these blocks. Soil is mixed in certain proportions of cement (5-10%) for producing these blocks. Unlike normal clay bricks, burning is not necessary. Unlike cement sand blocks river sand is not necessary. Hence, low energy consumption and low environmental pollution or degradation occurs with the production of these blocks. Therefore, it is evident that popularizing these blocks will derive immense benefits nationally as well as for individual stakeholders of the construction industry; especially for low-income people in the country. Also, it can be applied emulsion and weather shield paints available at market.
Solution for sand crisis
Environmentally friendly green product (no problem related to sand mining, no problem related to defresting and clay mining)
Comfortable environment in house (low heat in house) so much better for dry season and dry zones.
15%-50% cost can be saved (according to availability of soil)
Creating new employments
If technology is not used in proper way, it may occur some problems
Man power requirement is dependant upon the type of soil
NERDC composite floor slab system is one of the most widely used.
Reduction in weight
No propping.
No soffit
plastering Save material, labour and time.
Workable bottom space
No heavy equipments and machineries are used
35% cost saving compared to the conventional slab system
Thickness of 20 mmVery thin walls constructed using ferro cement which is a composite material consisting of cement-sand mortar and steel meshes or/and steel fiber with or without a steel skeleton 55000L ferro cement tank saves 40 % & 50% of money & time respectively compared to conventional tank construction.
40% cost saving compared to the conventional water
 No heavy form work at site – only for the joints
Quick & simple construction – pre-cast panels are use
Easy and less maintenance
No heavy equipments and machineries are used in the construction
Can be constructed to different shapes
High durability
Light weight
Concrete door and window frames are one of the most economical and environmental   friendly applications for the building.
Everlasting long life
Zero maintenance
Water proof
Fire proof
Termite proof
Simple technology
No heavy equipments and machineries are used.
No warping and shrinking
Lintels are not required
30% cost saving compared to the conventional timber frames.
Cost Effective Foundations   
Concrete Footing and Plinth Beam Foundations
30% Saving compares to Rubble Foundations
Minimum Earth work Involved
Speedy Constructions
Cost Effective Columns
6”X6” Pre stressed / Pre cast Concrete Columns
No need Shuttering Work
Time saving
20% Saving compares to 9”X9” RCC Columns
Cost Effective Walls
Cement Quarry Dust Walls – No Plaster Needed
Soil Block Walls – Energy Efficient Wall
Cost Effective Roof
Concrete Roof Trusses
Ferro Cement  Rafters
Concrete Purlins
Cost Effective Staircase
Precast Stringer Beams and Precast Steps
Precast Concrete Spiral Steps
Cost Effective Foot Bridges
Aim and Objectives
Develop foot bridges up to 20’-0” span using
Pre-stressed Concrete Technology
Ferro cement Technology
to replace the “Traditional Edanda” and other preliminary method of crossing the water sources.
Soil Investigations
Concrete Cube Testing
Compressive Strength Testing
Tensile Strength of Steel
Sieve Analysis – Fine/Coarse Aggregates

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