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A Condominium in the literal sense can be described as a series of apartments constructed in a multi storied building. This can be further described as an apartment house, office buildings or other multiple-unit complex. The individually owned having received title to the apartment by a deed have the right to sell or mortgage such condominium. The owner has a joint ownership of common grounds, passage ways and the land on which the Condominium is built. The legal definition is that a property comprising land with a building or buildings of more than one story and having more than one independent unit of residential or nonresidential accommodation is referred as a condominium property.


Condominium colonies as a solution to the housing requirement of the country


Constructing condominium property to be apposite with the benefit and welfare of residents and establishing management corporations for the systematic administration and management of such property and regulating their maintenance activities


  • The role of the CMA in realizing the government’s 500,000 Housing programme for the low income and middle income housing programme of the Government is mainly for the urban middle income sector. Due to the shortage of land in Colombo and in the suburban areas and in other urban towns. Condominium Development is considered the solution to realize the aspirations of the government to provide more urban houses.
  •  In terms of the applicable laws, no sooner a person becomes an owner of a condominium parcel, he becomes a member of the management corporation.
  • Prospective owners of the low income condominiums are capable in managing the condominium complex that they claim to own and they are capable of managing, after a proper training and awareness programs. If the ownership is not transferred to them they do not become owners of the condominiums they live in and they cannot form a Management Corporation.
  • The developer may be the UDA / NHDA will have to maintain the Condominium Parcels. Management Corporations could be setup after the ownership of condominium parcels are transferred to the prospective owners by deed.


  1. To control, Manage, maintain, Administer the condominium parcels, the common elements and the common amenities of a condominium complex.
  2. To ensure that the common elements and the common amenities are properly maintained in good order to ensure that periodical maintenance are been carried out to make such a properties are maintained in a state of good repair.
  3. CMA advise the Management Corporations to carry out such activities through a management agent or directly by the Management Corporation.
  4. CMA advice the Management Corporations to insure the Condominium Complex against risk of fire, civil commotion are riots etc.
  5. To removal of unauthorized constructions and to ensure that the Management Corporations are properly functioned.
  6. To ensure the key services like water, sewerage, drainage, electricity, garbage disposal are being properly attended to by the Management Corporations.



Condominium Management Authority
Sir Chitampalam A Gardiner Mawatha,National Housing Department Building,1st Floor, Colombo-02
Sri Lanka.
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Sir Chithampalam A Gardiner Mawatha,Sir Chithampalam A Gardiner Mawatha,National Housing Department Building,1st Floor, Colombo-02Sri Lanka
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