National Construction Policy

  1. Construction Industry is a major contributor to the National Economy and a major driver of employment creation. The development of the Construction Industry will create a multiplier effect in the national development process, owing to its forward and backward linkages, leading to sustained National Economic Growth. There is therefore a need for a National Policy on Construction, envisioning its sustainable
    growth, based on a holistic approach.
  2. The Construction Industry Development Act No.33 of 2014 enacted on the 29th of December 2014 has made provisions for the establishment of the National Advisory Council on Construction to advise on the protection and development of the Construction Industry. This Council is empowered under the Act, to formulate a National Policy on Construction, comprising of matters relating to the Construction Industry and its goals.
  3. The policy is aimed at creating an efficient Construction Industry in Sri Lanka serving the national development needs through regulation, standardization, capacity building and facilitation.
  4. The Policy will apply to the Construction Industry in general, involving the public sector and the private sector. The key roles and responsibilities of the different sectors of the industry and the line Ministries are identified. Their operating background and their respective policies are harmonized with this policy to ensure complementarity.
  5. Considering its role in the national economy, with its span of influence in the various sub sectors of the economy, the various processes involved in its operations and the many stakeholders who participate in its activities, a complex interactive matrix emerges to represent the National Construction Industry. Any national policy has to address all issues impacting on this complex matrix.
  6. The Policy presented by Minister in charge of the subject of construction, with the recommendation of the  National Advisory Council on Construction becomes effective upon obtaining the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers.
  7. This National Policy for Construction is formulated in terms of the provisions of Subsection 2 (1) of the Construction Industry Development Act No.33 of 2014
Download – National Policy on Construction Sinhala  English  Tamil

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