Department of Government Factory

The Department of Government Factory was established on Gaspa Junction, Colombo in the year 1849 by the then British empire. It was shifted to the present location at Kolonnawa in the year 1928, as the mechanical workshop of the Public Works Department to provide all mechanical engineering works for the public and private sector. In the year 1971, the Department of Government Factory was named as a Class “A” Department.

Currently, the Department of Government Factoryconstructs, provides, fixes and maintains water management gates for the Department of Irrigation, makes date stamps and bits for date/month/year for the Department of Posts, creates numerals and surgeon strips for the police constables of the Department of Police, creates and supplies wooden furniture, construct water refinery tanks for the Water Supply Board, fixes welcome podiums for state ceremonies, creating and fixing iron bridges for the Road Development Authority, aluminium partitioning and fixing name boards in institutions, servicing and maintenance of vehicles of public institutions, makes and supplies goods made out of cast iron including brake pads for the Sri Lanka Railway Service, creates and supplies wooden and iron made hospital equipment, maintaining boilers and gas tube systems, and providing practical training for technical students, university students and engineering students.It was awarded ISO 9001 / 2015 quality certification.


Department of Government Factory
Department of Government Factory, Kolonnawa, Sri Lanka.
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