Prepare for development revolution backed by attitudinal change

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa stated that he has observed that country’s common problem is the unwillingness of the people to work. He lamented slow moving pace of action on the part of both the government and private sectors, the President’s Media Division stated in a press release.

The President cited the state of stagnation seen in the construction work in Colombo and suburbs as an example. He instructed each on-going construction to be completed immediately and requested all the parties to prepare themselves for a development revolution, backed by an attitudinal change, the statement read.

President Rajapaksa made these comments during a discussion with the Stat Minister Rural Housing, Construction and Building Materials Industry Promotion to review its future activities at the Presidential Secretariat, yesterday, the statement added.

The National Policy Framework “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour” envisages in guaranteeing a “comfortable house for every family”. The need of a residence is faced by many and construction of a house on their own is difficult. The President emphasized that it was absolutely necessary to meet the housing requirement of the people in urban, rural and estate sectors elevating their living standards.

State Minister IndikaAnurudda, in response expressed that his ministry under the concept of “A House for You: a Future for the Country”, has commenced building 14,022 residences at Grama Sevaka Division-level for the families with low incomes. It is expected to complete 70,100 houses thorough this project at the end of coming five years, the President’s Media Division stated.

The State Minister added that to coincide with the World Habitat Day on October 5, they have devised plans to commence the construction of 1,500 housing units in Werellawatta, Mihindupura, Parangiyakumbura, Dahaiyyagama, MattegodaSoizapura, and Tangalle under the “Multi-Facility Apartment Programme”, the statement read.

President Rajapaksa highlighted the importance of participation of the private and state sectors in all the constructions. A long-term loan scheme with a repayment period of 30 years at 6.25% interest rate to purchase houses is to be introduced soon, the statement added.

“Steps will be taken to provide lands free of charge for the ministry to construct apartment complexes suitable for middle-income earners.” the President added. He directed the officials to build houses for 409 displaced families now sheltered in 22 welfare camps in the Northern Province.

Pointing out that more than 526,000 households across the country are without toilets, Basil Rajapaksa, Head of the Presidential Task Force on Economic Revival, urged to accelerate the process to provide sanitary facilities for them.

State Minister Indika Anuruddha stated that the sewerage systems in the old apartment complexes need to be repaired and maintained and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said that the Building Materials Corporation should be revived. The President suggested that the regional branches of the Corporation should be used as agents for supplying building materials, the press release stated.

The present status of the Department of Buildings, Department of Government Factory, National Machinery Institute, State Development & Construction Corporation, State Engineering Corporation and Construction Industry Development Authority, as well as the steps to be taken to develop these institutions, were discussed at length at the meeting, the statement added.

Basil Rajapaksa  stated that all these institutions should work with great enthusiasm as a revolution in the fields of construction, agriculture and sports is expected from next year.

The government plans to build and renovate a large number of houses, roads, bridges and tanks, the President’s Media Division stated.

He instructed the relevant officials to involve all government and private sector institutions under the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing in the process of construction.

President’s Secretary P.B. Jayasundera, Secretaries to Cabinet and State Ministries, Heads of Line Institutions, and Private Investors in the Construction Sector participated in the meeting

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ජනාධිපතිවරණයෙන් පසු මා නිරීක්ෂණය කර ඇති ආකාරයට රටටම ඇති පොදු ප්‍රශ්නය වන්නේ කිසිවෙකු වැඩ නොකිරීමයි. රාජ්‍ය, පෞද්ගලික…

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