The main objectives of the Ministry
Housing and Development Division
  • Formulation of policies, rules, regulations, programmes and projects, monitoring and evaluation regarding the subject of housing.
  • Implementing housing schemes and housing financial assistance programmes for fulfilling housing requirements of people including low-income earners, middle-income earners and special community groups and dealing with housing requests made by the public.
  • Activities relating to identification, acquisition, taking over, disposition of lands and issuing deeds for housing development needs.
Technical Division 
  • Formulating policies, rules and regulations in respect of the subject of construction and evaluating same.
  • Providing facilities required for the maintenance of the construction industry.
  • Regulating and guiding the activities of the Construction Industry Development Authority under the Ministry.
Construction Division
  • Fulfilling the function of Standing Technical Committees for all Ministries and Departments of the government.
  • Coordinating the construction institutions under the purview of the Ministry and regulating progress.
  • Offering technical guidance in construction activities for nontechnical institutions under the Ministry.
  • Recommending Visa for foreign professionals and trained professionals related to the construction field.
Resettlement Division
  • Implementing rural housing construction programme for displaced families and providing necessary basic infrastructure.
  • Continuously implementing the demining programme.