“Sapiri” Apartment Programme

  • Development of Middle Class Housing and Infrastructure

Under this programme, it is expected to provide a fully equipped apartment with concessionary credit facilities to middle income earners working in the public and private sectors, focusing on major cities, expressway entrances, sub-cities close to major roads and railway stations.  

Lands are provided by the government for this purpose and the infrastructure facilities up to the housing project are provided by the Line Ministry and the institutions that provide those services. Designing, construction and sale of the houses of this housing programme is the role of the investor who invests finances in the housing project and it is supervised by the State Ministry of Rural Housing and Construction and Building Materials Industries Promotion together with National Housing Development Authority. From every housing project which construction has commenced, 70% of the number of housing units to be constructed will be allocated to middle income earners, and the houses in the housing projects that have already been constructed have been provided to the beneficiaries at a cost of Rs. 05 million. The investor is allowed to sell the remaining 30% semi-luxury housing units on the market demand.

  • “Soysapura” Relocation Housing Project

The Soysapura Relocation Housing Project was commenced to relocate 48 very old and dilapidated two-storey low-rent houses and 24 unauthorized shanties located within the premises of the Soysapura Housing Project built in 1970s. Accordingly, 60 houses have been constructed under this project and the recipients have been settled on relocation basis.

The rest of the buildings are expected to be constructed on pre-sale basis and accordingly, it was planned to construct 30 houses (two buildings) with the area of 550 sq ft each. The construction of this project has been commenced on 22.02.2021.

  • Yakkala, Werellawatta Middle Class Housing Project

Special housing projects are planned to be implemented in urban areas island wide giving the opportunity to young families to purchase them for long-term concessionary payment methods. Accordingly, it is proposed to construct a housing project consisting of 500 houses in the Werellawatta area in Yakkala under 03 phases. The housing project will include a swimming pool, a playground and shops.     

As its first phase, it is planned to construct a middle-class housing scheme with a total of 154 houses consisting of 132 houses of 600 square feet and 22 houses of 900 square feet in a 12 storey building. Construction of the project has commenced on 26.07.2021. 

  • Tangalle Apartment Project

This apartment project was commenced in 2019 and constructions are already underway. It is expected to construct 30 houses under this project.  

  • Mihindupura Housing Project

Mihindupura Housing Project is a project implemented by the National Housing Development Authority and consists of 24 floors and 560 housing units. Cabinet approval has been granted to re-award the construction contract for this project to CDC Industrial Infras Ltd.