Housing Programme for the Kidney affected People

This programme is implemented for the construction of permanent houses for the people affected by the chronic kidney disease using treasury provisions. The families selected under this will be granted maximum financial aids of Rs. 500,000 for a construction of a new house and Rs.200, 000 for an improved house respectively. This housing aid programme is a programme carried out on a concept by His Excellency President Maithreepala Sirisena and at the preliminary step, this will be implemented in the districts where the kidney disease is prone severely and in considering the number of kidney patients reported in other districts in future, this is envisaged to be implemented in those districts too.

Determinants of Selecting Beneficiaries

  1. Determinants of selecting chronic kidney disease affected families for the housing development programme
  • Unavailability of a permanent house of one’s own and the dire need of a permanent house
  • Living of member or members suffering from kidney disease presently
  • Registration in a kidney disease clinic of a Government hospital after being disposed to chronic kidney disease
  • Taking treatments continuously for the chronic kidney disease following the prescription of a Medical Specialist
  • Possession of the title of the house proposed to be implemented directly and indirectly for the relevant beneficiary. The necessity of the proof of the title by way of written evidence
  1. In selecting beneficiaries, a family is regarded as
  • Husband and wife
  • Husband, wife and children
  • Father and children
  • Mother and children
  • Parents / father or mother who are not married legally but living with children
  • Children who have no their parents but living with their grandparents
  • Children who cannot engage in economic activities but living with elderly parents

This housing aid programme is implemented by the National Housing Development Authority which comes under the purview of this Ministry using state funds given by the General Treasury.