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I am very pleased to record a message on the Performance Report prepared in connection with the progress of the development programmes in the year 2016 carried out by the Ministry of Housing and Construction that plays an outstanding and a challenging role in the Development drive of the present Government.

The significant amount of provisions of Rs.6, 999 Million was allocated in 2016 for the National Housing Programme which was recommenced in 2015 and I feel very dignified because our Ministry could have attained the highest financial and physical progress conquering all other Ministries in 2016 disbursing 97.82% of it.

The steps were taken in this year too to initiate the Middle Income Housing Programme conforming to the election statement of the Hon.Prime Minister parallel to the implementation of model villages for low income wage earners and Scattered Housing Development (loan) Programme to triumph over the government development target necessitating   “Shelter for All” and to launch a Housing Aid Programme for poor and poorest families suffering from non-identified chronicle kidney disease. Moreover, we stepped forward to take action in refurbishing flats, granting title deeds to residents of government rental houses and physical and social development activities in underserved settlements, development activities of condominium properties as well.

Further, we kept on with empowering 06 state institutions established under this Ministry to fortify the efficiency and the reliability in the construction industry of Sri Lanka.

The launch of National Programme of Shilpa Saviya introduced by the budget 2016 to train 10,000 workers in the construction field as a response to the dearth of skilled labour in the construction industry and the launch of relevant activities with regard to the Construction Industry Development Act were of great importance. We consider it to be a good fortune of us to contribute for a more qualitative and an efficient service being regular partners of the rapid development carried out in Sri Lanka.

We were fully committed to meet the development targets with a correct management by rendering necessary resources and support taking policy decisions for the upturn of the housing development and the construction industry development. I am very grateful for the noteworthy involvement of the Cabinet of Ministers with the leadership of His Excellency the President and the Hon.Prime Minister in order to enforce the policy decisions held by the scope of this Ministry and I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to Hon.Sajith Premadasa, Minister of Housing and Construction for his charismatic leadership and the guidance bestowed for the prosperity of this pursuit being a leading light for all of us and the Hon. Indika Banadaranayake, Deputy Minister of Housing and Construction for his constant persistency towards this task.

Furthermore, I extend my thanks to all the officers including all the Additional Secretaries of the Ministry for their utmost dedication for the successfulness of all the endeavors and all the staff members including Heads of Institutions of all the institutions affiliated to this Ministry for their commitment to this development process.