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Mr. Bernard Vasantha
Secretary of Ministry of Housing and Construction
2nd Floor
Sri Lanka.
(+94) 11-2862225
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Parallel to the steady increase in the provisions allocated to this Ministry for the national housing drive, we have achieved a progress healthy enough to maintain in 2017 as well, the dignified position we earned in the years 2015 and 2016 as the Ministry with the highest cost efficiency within the development programme.

Formulation of a midterm development plan on scientific basis for the housing sector to realize the goal of “Shelter for All” by 2025 on the basis of accurate data collated through an island-wide housing census was a momentous achievement. Causing the government to lay more emphasis on the housing sector which resulted in increased inputs thereto was the first positive outcome of this achievement.While carrying forward the model village programme and scattered housing loan scheme for addressing housing issues of low income earners, we are happy with the opportunities accorded to deal with housing problems of the destitute and the communities with special needs. Some
of the key programmes towards this end include the commencement of a housing programme using a provision of Rs 200 million within the poverty eradication programme of His Excellency the President for 200 families living in grinding poverty, allocation of Rs. 500 million for resolving housing issues of kidney patients and their families, addressing the housing problem of the conflict displaced families in the Northern and Eastern Provinces and  aunching Viru Sumithuru programme to ease the housing problem of war heroes. I see the role played by us
in this endeavour as a contribution made to an immensely meritorious deed which has gone beyond the quotidian duties of the public service.

During 2017, we executed a host of programmes for physical and social development of urban underserved settlements and renovated multi-storied housing schemes, launched middle class housing programmes, granted title deeds to residents of government housing schemes and developed facilities in condominium properties.Building on the strong foundation we laid in 2016 for the development of the construction Message of the Secretary
Progress 2017 & Development Programme2018 | Ministry of Housing and Construction 9 industry of Sri Lanka, we were able to achieve an impressive growth in 2017. The “Shilpa Saviya” project for identifying construction craftsmen and equipping them with National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) to address the acute shortage of skilled labour shortage in the construction sector was continued. Thus becoming a proud stakeholder of the rapid expansion
in the construction industry of Sri Lanka was yet another important milestone in our forward march.
While being grateful to the excellent contribution made by His Excellency the President, the Hon. Prime Minister and the Cabinet of Ministers for giving effect to policy decisions coming under the scope of this Ministry, I wish to take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt gratitude to the Hon. Minister Sajith Premadasa for his inspiring leadership and guidance in achieving all these successes and to the Hon. Deputy Minister Indika Bandaranayake for being a source of strength and support.

My thanks are due to additional secretaries and all officials of the Ministry, the staff of the Hon. Minister and the Hon. Deputy Minister, the heads of all institutions affiliated to the Ministry and their staff for their commitment to ensure success of all our activities and I also wish to thank the heads of all public and private sector institutions for their cooperation. I extend my greetings to achieve further successes in the housing and construction sectors in the year 2018.

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