Ministry Divisions

Administration Division

“Administrative Division is responsible for giving the assistance for all the divisions in the Ministry and to form the requisite working environment in that behalf and to manage the Human resources as well as the physical resources efficiently and effectively in every activity performed for the welfare of the populace and in implementing government policies.”

Main Functions of the Administrative Division

  1. Maintenance of establishment affairs of all the officers employed in the Ministry.
  2. Continuation with all the maintenance work of the Ministry.
  3. All administrative affairs carried out with the intervention of the Ministry and allied institutions to the Ministry.
  4. Activities connected to the staff of the Ministry.
  5. Provision of necessary facilities for all the divisions of the Ministry.
  6. Update of the website of the Ministry.
  7. Conduct of productivity activities.
  8. Supply of transportation facilities for the tasks of the Ministry.
  9. Holding training sessions for the officials of the Ministry.

Planning Division

“Assists to manipulate the development programmes of the institutions come under the Ministry to make the progress a reality as planned.”

“Make aware the respective parties through giving correct information on development programmes implemented by housing and construction field.”

“It becomes involved in giving assistance to take approval from the Ministry of Finance for project proposals made by institutions having identified development needs of the housing and construction field”.

Main Tasks of the planning Division

  1. Coordinating matters related to the arrangement of the action plan of the Ministry and institutions affiliated to the Ministry correlated with the vision and objectives of the Ministry.
  2. Assessment of the progress of the development programmes of the institutions under the Ministry in pursuance of the monthly and annual action plan.
  3. Presentation of the Performance Report of the Ministry to the Parliament in the event of the committee stage debate of the budget.
  4. Compilation of and reporting information on development programmes.
  5. Submission of project proposals of the institutions allied to the Ministry to the National Planning Department and coordination.

Housing Division

“This division plays a role in directing the affiliated institutions to the Ministry that engage in the field and compiling policies, making plans, guiding and following up under the fields of reference such as housing development and common amenities so as to satisfying the objectives of the housing field.”

Main Actions of the Housing Division

  1. Compilation of policies
  • Compilation of necessary policies for the advancement of the housing field.
  • Implementation of the policies related to the housing field with other government institutions.
  • Development of underserved settlements and the community.
  • Establishment of district, divisional and rural housing committees.
  • Implementation of programmes connected with housing construction coincide with the world habitat day and commemoration of world habitat day.
  1. Land Duties
  • Matters regarding the acquisition and transfer of lands for the purposes of housing developments.
  • Activities on disposition of lands for housing objectives
  • Disposition of legal rights of lands/houses to the people under Section 8(1) of National Housing Development Authority Act.
  • In terms of the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers, regularization of residents who have resided in illegally constructed houses in lands owned by National Housing Development Authority.
  1. Housing Development
  • Execution of housing construction programmes and housing projects suitable for the country’s need.
  • Reform of storied houses
  • Carrying through Housing Loan Aid Programmes
  • Presenting cabinet memorandums accompanying the housing schemes.
  • Effectuation of Integrated Housing Programmes with other government institutions.
  • Coordinating housing projects with local and foreign investors.
  • Development of underserved settlements and uplifting the community.

National Housing Commissioner’s Division

This Division accomplishes the authority and functions assigned under Ceiling on Housing Property Law No.01 of 1973 and the functions entrusted under the Rent Act No.1 of 1973. The main function are granting deeds for tenants and compensation  to the house owners. Attending legal issues in courts.

Finance Division

“This division is associated with the tasks of procuring financial resources and consultancy and instructing about specific systems and controlling methods for the said resources to be deployed more effectively and efficiently in order to realize the objectives of the Ministry and other institutions affiliated to the Ministry.”

Basic functions of the Finance Division

  1. Planning of funds
  2. Budgeting
  3. Obtaining sufficient funds on time
  4. Accomplishment of procurement affairs of the Ministry.
  5. Issuing and disbursing money to meet the objectives of the Ministry.
  6. Reporting the cost and progress of the finance to relevant parties on due dates or prior to it.
  7. Preparing Salaries and allowances for ministry staff and minster’s staff
  8. Procurement  Process for purchasing office equipment and stationary items
  9. Stores management

Technical Division

Provides support, coordination and technical guidance to the activities of the Construction Industry Development Authority, Department of Buildings and Department of Government Factory affiliated to the Ministry. Accordingly, progress review meetings regarding all institutions are conducted separately within the Ministry.
Primarily, this Ministry is responsible for making arrangements for the development of the construction industry and guide institutions to create a qualitative and environmentally friendly construction industry. The technical division is primarily involved in this.
Key Functions of the Division
1. Formulating policies required for the advancement of the field of construction.
2. Activities regarding Bills, Acts relevant to the construction Industry.
3. Regulating the construction industry affiliated to the Technical Division and directing engineering service providers for the advancement of the construction industry.
4. Taking measures to produce the skilled labour force required for the Construction Industry.
5. Directing institutions affiliated to the Ministry to equip professionals and builders with skills and knowledge and to carry out quality construction.
6. Taking action to submit Cabinet papers when necessary.
Also, the Engineering Services division functions as another sub division.
The Ministry assists in controlling the total construction cost of the entire construction industry by setting reasonable and affordable prices for construction projects and assisting in the selection of contractors in a transparent manner according to reasonable prices for construction projects of the institutions under the Ministry.
Key functions of the Engineering Services Division
1. Granting the approval of the Standing Technical Committee on Construction of Government Institutions.
2. Granting Ministry approval for contract variations.
3. Dealing with the Procurement Committees appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers.
4. Giving the decisions of the Ministry Procurement Committee.
5. Maintaining databases regarding the prices related to the construction field.
6. Taking action to submit Cabinet papers when necessary.

Construction Division

Coordinating the construction work carried out primarily by the State Engineering Corporation, National Machinery Corporation, Building Materials Corporation Limited, National Housing Development Authority, Middle Income Housing and Infrastructure Development Accelerated Program at the Ministry level is the main role assigned after the establishment of the Additional Secretary Construction Division in this Ministry.
Functions –
• Reviewing the progress of the relevant institutions.
• Dealing with arrears of relevant institutions.
• Supervision of the construction sector.
• Providing advisory services.
• Coordinating procurement and contract activities.
• Preparation of Cabinet Memoranda.
• Providing recommendations to the Department of Immigration and Emigration to obtain visa for foreign experts in the field of construction without prejudicing skilled locals.

Resettlement Division

Providing housing and infrastructure facilities to Sri Lankans displaced by war or other causes.

Internal Audit Division

 Establishing sound financial administration and proper management to convert the expected goals of the institutions into reality.

Participating in the financial administration and management activities of the Ministry and institutions under its purview and assisting them by offering guidance and giving instructions to carry out such activities more systematically and efficiently

Key Functions of the Internal Audit Division

  1. Coordinating and following up audit activities of the Ministry and institutions affiliated to the Ministry.
  2. Taking action to minimize problematic situations of the Ministry and institutions affiliated to the Ministry through the meetings of the Audit and Management Committee.
  3. Assisting in the minimization of problems of institutions through audits and inquiries.
  4. Following up on the implementation of the recommendations and directives of the Committee on Public Enterprises and the Committee on Public Accounts.

Resettlement Division

The Resettlement Division was entrusted under this Ministry by the extraordinary gazette notification No. 2187/27 dated 09.08.2020. The Resettlement division organizes and coordinates all the activities required for resettlement of families displaced due to the conflicted situation that prevailed in North and East.

In addition to that, this division also resettles families who returned to Sri Lanka in their places of origin from among the families who fled to India due to the conflict. There, the required houses and other basic infrastructure are also provided for them.

Further, this division conducts the de-mining activities in the Northern and Eastern Provinces together with the Sri Lanka Army and nongovernmental organizations (Mines Advisory Group, HALO Trust, Delvon Assistance for Social Harmony, SKAVITA Humanitarian Assistance and Relief Project) and takes necessary measures to return the lands to the public.

Key Functions of the Resettlement Division

 Constructing permanent houses for the resettlement of families displaced due to the conflicted situation prevailed in North and East.

  1. Implementing permanent housing construction programmes by purchasing lands on government assistance for the landless families displaced due to the conflicted situation and are currently living in welfare centers in the Jaffna district.
  2. Providing basic infrastructure required for the resettlement of displaced families.
  • Providing drinking water facilities.
  • Providing domestic electricity connections.
  • Renovating damaged houses.
  • Providing sanitary facilities.
  • Constructing internal access roads in the areas where displaced families are residing.
  • Constructing and renovating damaged school buildings, pre-schools and health centers.
  1. Directing the clearance process of mines and explosives according to the international standard and releasing lands for resettlement of displaced families and for development purposes.
  2. Coordinating local and foreign non-governmental organizations which facilitate resettlement activities.
  3. Implementing livelihood programmes for uplifting the living conditions of displaced persons.

Land Division

 As per Section 8(1) of the National Housing Development Authority Act No. 17 of 1979, the approval of the Hon. Minister shall be obtained to alienate a certain land, flat, house or other accommodation of the Authority. Accordingly, after obtaining the approval for the documents prepared and sent by the National Housing Development Authority to obtain the approval of the Hon. Minister for the issuance of housing / land deeds for the persons who have completed the payments, and forwarding those back to the National Housing Development Authority is done by this division. As well, identifying lands required for housing programmes, acquisition of lands by coordinating with relevant institutions and expediting the disposal process, taking actions on the issues and requests submitted regarding the subject of land is also carried out by this division.

Key Functions of the Land Division

  1. Activities relating to acquisition / transfer of lands for the purpose of housing development.
  2. Activities pertaining to disposal of lands for housing purposes.
  3. Transferring legal ownership of lands/housing to their occupants under section 8(1) of the National Housing Development Authority Act.

Middle Income Project Unit

The objective of this programme is to construct houses with the participation of the public and private sector with the aim of providing houses for an affordable price for middle income earners. The lands required for that are provided by the government and infrastructure up to the housing project is provided by the service providing line institution and the Ministry. Constructing houses in this housing project and the sale of those houses is the role of the investor who invests finances for this housing project.