“Obata Geyak – Ratata Hetak” Housing Programme

“Obata Geyak – Ratata Hetak” housing program is being implemented with the aim of creating a productive citizen and a happy family by enabling every family in Sri Lanka to live in a comfortable home.

Under this programme, assistance of a maximum of Rs.600,000 per beneficiary family living in a temporary house will be provided based on the construction progress. Furthermore, this island wide programme will give priority to the Grama Niladhari Divisions where there is a need for housing and the districts where there is a high incidence of temporary housing.

The annual target of this programme is 14,022 houses. Out of 9,972 houses initiated in the year 2020, all the houses have been completed by now. Out of 12,231 houses approved for the year 2021, 4,078 have been completed.