Model Village Programme

To bring the dream home to a reality of families who have no a land and a house of their own, this model village programme will be implemented on the concept of Hon. Prime Minister. This housing programme is also implemented by the National Housing Development Authority that is under this Ministry using state funds given by the General Treasury. Under this, the beneficiary family will receive the title of a state owned land and a new house should be built in that land using the loan granted by the Government. Thus, the model village is created by joining several constructed houses adjacent.

For the present, this model village programme is put into effect covering all the districts island wide and it is supposed to construct 1000 mode villages island wide under this. The development of essential infrastructure facilities is carried through coincide with the construction of houses in the model villages thus being constructed with the assistance of the relevant line Ministries and external parties including government institutes and a fully-fledged village with the basic infrastructure facilities will be entrusted to the public.

Loan Programme and Recovery of Loan

A loan of Rs. 400,000 at 5% annual interest rate will be given for the beneficiaries whose monthly salary income is Rs.25, 000 or less than that by considering the ability to repay and their preference and the relevant loan will be recovered in 5 or 10 years.

Besides that, in granting loans under the model village programme, a loan of Rs.400,000 will be given for the government and semi government officers whose monthly salary is Rs.45,000 or less than that and the said sum will be recovered in 5 or 10 years at annual interest rate of 5%.

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