“Ponnolinagar” declared open to Public

“Ponnolinagar” at Moolai in Valikamam West in Jaffna district is the 176th model village vested in the public under the New Village Reawakening Programme. This village was open to public by Hon. Minister of Housing, Construction & Cultural Affairs Sajith Premadasa on 08.03.2019.

The National Housing Development Authority has given housing loans at low interest to the beneficiaries to construct houses in “Ponnolinagar” village consisted of 65 new housing units, and it is also a model village constructed under the Community Participatory Housing Development Programme.

In the ceremony of entrusting the “Ponnolinagar” model villages to the public, following benefits were facilitated to the people

  • Housing titles were given to 65 recipient families in “Ponnolinagar” village.
  • Scattered housing loan cheques worth Rs.30Mn. were granted to 150 low income families in the area.
  • Housing loans and aids amounted Rs.5Mn. were given to 100 beneficiaries.
  • Housing loans worth Rs.75Mn were given to beneficiaries under the “Model Village” housing programme.
  • Occupational tool kits, uniforms and subjects related text books amounted Rs.4.25Mn were supplied to 85 trainees selected for the construction industry training under the “Shilpa Saviya” Programme.
  • Self – employment loans by Regional Development Bank were given to beneficiaries in the area.
  • Spectacles were given to individuals with visual impairments in the area.

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