“Sarajayagama” Galwewa in Hambantota declared open

“Sarajayagama” 22nd model village at Galwewa in Hambantota Divisional Secretariat Division was vested in the public on 18th March 2017 by Hon.Sajith Premadasa, Minister of Housing and Construction under New Village Reawakening Programme.

This village was called as Galwewa because of the archaic lake remaining in the village. The stone sluice of the lake which stands as relics can also be seen today. This village which was called “Mahapita Pepessa” in ancient time is believed that there were about 25 families living here and the chena cultivation, animal husbandry with buffalos, hunting wild animals, selling wood were their subsistence means. This historical object of Galwewa is a principal evidence for the paddy cultivation in this village. The Galwewa which is nourished by Udawalawa left bank under multi-purpose Mahaweli Development Scheme and bounded by the road of 100 feet is a bewitching village.

This was constructed in a land in extent of 5 acres and consists of 25 housing units. The National Housing Development Authority provided low rate housing loans for the construction “Sarajayagama” housing under Housing Development Programme.

People were benefited with the following benefits by vesting the “Srajayagama” model village in the public.

  • The ownerships pertinent were given to 25 recipient families of housing in the village
  • Scattered housing loans were granted to 500 low income families in the area bearing a sum of Rs.50,000,000
  • Occupational tool kits, uniforms and subjects related text books amounted to 11, 000,000 were supplied to 287 trainees under the “Shilpa Saviya” Construction Training Programme.
  • Self-employment aids valuable Rs.320,000 was awarded for recipients of housing
  • Children’s savings accounts books were supplied to children of recipients
  • Chairs were distributed to the housing society
  • Spectacles amounting to Rs.244, 000 were offered for 305 blind people
  • Kidney disease and local medical clinics
  • land mobile service Programme
  • Mobile Service Programme for National Identity Cards
  • “Saubhagya” Self Employment Programme of Unilever Company Ltd.

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