Scattered Housing Programme

This housing development programme will be implemented covering all the Divisional Secretariat Divisions with the aim of completing the partially built houses. The families who are unable to complete the construction activities their new house built amidst various difficulties with an eye to bring their dream home to a reality were selected as the beneficiaries of this programme.

Under this programme, the maximum loan granted for the completion of the ongoing construction of the housing of the beneficiaries whose monthly salary is Rs.25,000 or less  than that is Rs. 100,000 and a 5% annual interest rate will be charged for that. This loan will be subject to a payment basis for a maximum period of 10 – 15 years. At least, an additional contribution of 50% of approved loan should be incurred by the beneficiary and this contribution will be deemed as the necessary materials and labour for the proposed activity.

This Loan will be granted for the Development of the Following Houses

  • Making a minimal completed house a protective house by fixing doors and windows , finishing the floor and plastering walls for the houses of which at least the roof is finished for the present
  • Making a minimal completed house a protective house is a house completed by plastering the front and outsides of the both back sides of a house, finishing the floor by plastering the living room, fixing panels with the front and back door frames, fixing panels with the front and back door frames by finishing floor having plastered one bed room, fixing grills with frames for all the remaining windows and finishing the kitchen floor.
  • Loans will be granted by this programme to add another section to houses with less than 600 square feet that was constructed for the time being (tiling the floor of the house, construction of bath rooms, painting, fitting the pantry cupboards, and renovation activities of houses are not related to the development section).

This housing aid programme will be implemented by the National Housing Development Authority which comes under the purview of this Ministry using state funds given by the General Treasury.

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