Siyapatha Housing Programme

Project of constructing 100 middle income houses (multi-storey housing) in each electorate – “Siyapatha Housing Programme”

According to His Excellency the President’s “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour” policy statement, measures are being taken to provide affordable multi-storey housing suitable for the income of the middle class under the program of providing comfortable housing to every family.

Accordingly, it is expected to construct 16,000 houses in 160 electorates island wide as multi-storey housing consisted of 100 housing units targeting middle income earners in every electorate with the objective of providing housing to middle income families who are homeless and in need of living in urban areas durably. 

Under this programme, it is expected to construct multi-storey houses or cluster houses in urban areas as per local demand, targeting middle class families who are homeless or permanently residing in the area on rent/lease basis.

The housing scheme for the middle class is expected to be implemented as a public-private partnership programme and at the same time, it is proposed to implement a loan programme with the intervention of state banks enabling the beneficiaries to repay within an extended period of time. Since the lands owned by the National Housing Development Authority or suitable state lands are expected to be utilized for this purpose, no additional cost need to be incurred for lands.

As the first step, work is underway to construct nine multi-storey housing projects in nine provinces.