“Veediyabandaragama”, Palindanuwara in Kalutara District was declared open

The 21st model village at Palindanuwara in Kalutara District under the New Village Reawakening Programme was vested in the public on 03rd March 2017 by Hon.Sajith Premadasa, Minister of Housing and Construction. This was the 2nd model village of the Kalutara District and 1st model village of the Agalwatta Electoral Division.

The area where Prince Veediya Bandara lived in controlling his wars being the Commander -in -Chief battling against the Portuguese as well as a contemporary politician in epoch of Kotte is called as peledanuwara or Palindanuwara. Palindanuwara was the place where Prince Veediya Bandara was armed with an army of 14,000 warriors and prepared against Portuguese.

The present Palindanuwara has an area containing 275 Km2.

The situation of clearing wet zone natural forests illegally and occupancy in them can abundantly be seen in Agalawatta Electoral Division in Kalutara District due to the scarcity of lands in parallel to the rapid population growth occurred in 21st century. As a result, this repeated havoc caused a tendency in running dry of well springs.

The blocks of lands for the “Veediyabandaragama” village were allocated using a government owned land and thereby, every recipient family received at the rate of 15 perches.

This village consists of 25 housing units which were constructed by low rate loans given by National Housing Development Authority and personal wealth and labour of recipients under the Community Participatory Housing Development Programme.

Following events took place on the day on which the “Veediyabandaragama” model village was vested.

  • Ownerships for their blocks of lands were granted to 25 recipient families of housing.
  • Financial aids were offered for 25 kidney patients in the area at the cost of Rs. 7,500,000
  • Housing loans totaling to Rs.3, 000,000 were provided under Reawakening Village Programme.
  • Occupational tool kits, uniforms and subjects related text books amounted to                      Rs.4, 620,000 were supplied to 120 trainees of “Shilpa Saviya”
  • Spectacles amounting to Rs.356, 800 were offered free for 446 persons
  • Freehold deeds and deeds of lease for lands in which they occupy were furnished for 50 families in the District
  • land mobile service Programme
  • Mobile Service Programme for National Identity Cards
  • Medical clinic
  • Agricultural crop clinic

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